Guest Information

We love having guests! Here are a few things to make your visit more enjoyable. Please stay with a club member and adhere to the club policies.

Clubhouse Dress Code

  • Dress jeans are allowed; no low-rise or baggy jeans
  • Casual attire in good taste
  • No bathing attire
  • No tank, halter, fishnet, or crop tops
  • No cut-offs, jams, or athletic shorts
  • No sweatpants, t-shirts or compression attire
  • Non-verbal cell phone use only is allowed in clubhouse

Golf dress code

  • Proper attire must be worn at all times, this means:
  • No bare feet, no bathing suits, no jeans
  • No tank tops or tights
  • Adults may wear shorts (Jamaica or Bermuda length), skirts or pants, collared shirts, sleeveless shirts with collars, golf shoes or sneakers
  • Juniors may wear shorts or pants, collared shirts, and sneakers or golf shoes
  • The Golf Committee recommends and greatly appreciates the use of non-metal spikes

Tennis rules and dress codes

  • Appropriate, neat tennis attire and appropriate tennis footwear for clay courts are required for ALL players.
  • All players are encouraged to wear white.
  • The tennis staff is authorized to enforce the dress code.
  • NO bathing suits.
  • Please sweep the courts and lines after playing.

Swim rules and dress codes

  • Swimming is prohibited when lifeguard is not on duty.
  • If the pool is closed because of weather, no children should be left in the pool area
  • Shower before entering pool.
  • Please use water resistant suntan lotion to help keep our pool clean
  • All children under 10 must be supervised.
  • Balls, flotation devices, snorkels, masks and fins are not allowed in pool unless conditions permit, and approved by lifeguard
  • Flotation devices are allowed in shallow end for non-swimmers with adult supervision
  • Horseplay, pushing, ducking and games that interfere with others are not allowed
  • No running on pool deck, no walking in the gutter lining the edge of the pool, keep ladder areas clear, no diving in shallow end & stay off lane lines
  • Remove gum and band-aids before entering pool